Smells Fishy

With my ever present addiction to box making I knew, at some point in time, I had to do a band saw box. I started doing sketches and came up with a design using an array of circles and tangent lines. When I was finished doing all the initial cuts I noticed the shapes reminded me of something…and the name “Smells Fishy” shortly followed.


The body is made up of a glue up of Bubinga and birds-eye maple. Three pieces of Bubinga and one piece of maple. Before cutting out the main shapes I routed two 1/4” diameter groves down the entire back to hold dowels that would act as drawer stops. Then on came the initial cutting of the drawers. Once finished cutting out the shapes, and naming the box, I started on the design of the drawer pulls. Of course they would be small fish shapes. They were made from Bocote. The drawers are lined in suede-tex flocking.


Body/drawers: Birds-eye maple, Bubinga, Bocote, maple dowels


Finish: BLO/Varnish/MS wipe (3x) and then two buffs of BriWax.


Size: 6.5” x 3” x 9.5”


"Smells Fishy" is in a private collection.

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Kenosha, WI

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