“Conjoined” started life as a promise I made to my budding artist niece. I had gotten her a set of pencils for drawing and I promised here I would make her a box to hold them. Now I know it is not the classic design for a pencil box, but it is my take on the subject.


My main design goal was really to design a box that, when first looked at, would look fairly easy to make. Then, upon closer scrutiny, one could start to understand the difficulty in making it. There was definitely a step-by-step procedure. The look I was going for was that of a warped/curved piece of wood. I wanted all aspects of the box to follow the same curvature.


The main body of the box is made from quartersawn Shedua. A box joint was use for the construction.


The main portion of the lid is made from Curly Shedua. The handle supports/dowels are quartersawn Shedua turned down on the lathe. The handle is made from Birds-eye maple. It was made by a series of compound cuts on a bandsaw followed by alot of hand shaping.

Finish on “Conjoined” is fours soakings of Danish oil followed by two buffings of BriWax. It is lined in cork.


This piece is in a private collection.




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