"A Bit Drafty"

Paying homage to the old way of doing things. My college education had me starting as an architecture major. In the end I didn’t enjoy the teaching methods as much as a did the hand drafting. I absolutely loved doing ink on mylar! Many of my boxes still begin life on an old drafting table or light table…with the use of my trusty 45º and 30º/60º drafting triangles. This love is what inspired “A Bit Drafty”.


The Zebra wood 45º and 30º/60º drafting triangle legs are designed to pull your eye to the polished crotch black walnut lid. This is done by shape and grain orientation. I further enhanced it by using pyrography to extend the 30º/60º line to the lid. The main body of the box is made from black walnut. 1/8” black walnut was used to attach the legs and, on the 45º side, strengthen the joint.


Finish on “A Bit Drafty” is three soakings of Danish Oil. The body and legs of the box received a satin wax and the lid was buffed to a high gloss using the Beall buffing system. Its dimensions are 13.5” x 4” x 4.75”.


Both "A Bit Drafty" boxes are in private collections.

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