"Reconstructing Home"

Through your life your parents are your rock. They are there for you and support you in ways that are not always simple or seen. They provide you with the guidance needed to one day go out into the world and become the person you want to be…whatever that direction may be.

This is what ran through my head when I was designing “Reconstructing Home”. A majority of the box components came from my childhood home. The rock is from the pile in the backyard. The support structure and lid insert are from a Maple tree we cut down and turned into lumber over eight years ago. The hinges are made from an Ironwood tree that was in the front yard but had to be removed….I saved a piece off the firewood pile. The box body was created out of an old cedar seat from a small boat we used to have. The box is lined with the remnants of my sister’s old leather jacket.

This box has been in the making for a long time and I am very happy to finally share it with you! If you were wondering it went directly to my father as a Christmas gift.  This one stays in the family.

"Reconstructing Home" is 33" x 11" x 11".  It was finished with three soakings of Danish Oil followed by two buffings of Briwax.

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