The "Legacy" cribbage board/boxes were created in honor of the father of one of my best friends. A cribbage board was created for each family member, five all together, as a memorial of his passing. Joe Bernard was a great man and an amazing cribbage player. He was the sixth person to earn a Two-Star Life Master, awarded All American Team honors six times, and won 24 tournaments. His accomplishments with the game made naming the cribbage boards very easy.


     Cribbage board bodies are curly maple with black walnut splines. The feet are made from Bolivian Rosewood.  Two lid materials were used, Crotch Black Walnut and Leopard Wood.


     The wooden plate with the dowel in the center is a spring loaded lift for the lid. The plate is made from Padauk. There is a button on the bottom of the box to push the lid up so you can remove it.


All the "Legacy" boxes are in a private collections.

Jeff Baenen Boxes

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