“Faster” started as a need for a simpler box that still closely followed a design aspect. It is the first in a series of boxes based on speed.


The body is made from East Indian Rosewood. I used a rabbet joint to form the box. I then put a 45 degree chamfer to blend in the joint. The grain wraps around the box as good as it can. Once you think about how the box is made you will understand why it is hard to perfectly wrap the grain.


I made four boxes with a quartersawn sycamore lid and two with a birdseye maple lid. The top pull is made from quartersawn walnut. It is held in place with an internal spline.


The “Faster” boxes where finished with four soakings of Danish oil followed by a three step polishing using the Beall polishing system. They are lined in black velvet and are 3.75” x 3” x 4.75” in size.


The Birdseye Maple lidded and one of the Quartersawn Sycamore lidded ""Faster" boxes are all ready in private collections.  There are three remaining Quartersawn Sycamore lidded "Faster" boxes remaining.  Get them now because they are


Please contact me if you're interested in purchasing this piece.

Price: $75    There is one remaining.

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