The body of "Firefly" was made from crotch walnut that is put together using blind dovetails. The back panel is quilted maple and there are quartersawn maple runners, to support the drawer, inlaid into it. The legs were made by resawing curly maple into three pieces. Two 3/8" pieces and one 3/32" piece. They were sanded smooth and then glued back together using pieces of black died veneer to separate them. Once dry I cut them into their rough shape. I kept the waste to make the pulls. After that I added a taper to the legs and did the final shaping. The drawer is mainly constructed of quartersawn spalted maple. Once again I used blind dovetails for the joinery. I matched the grain up so it looks as if it wraps around the entire inside of the drawer. There is a groove on both sides for the drawer runners to slide in. The face of the drawer is another piece of quilted maple. The lid is Honduras Rosewood. It had such a beautiful arc between the heart and sap wood that I wanted to accentuate it by placing the hole, to lift the lid, concentric to it. The box is lined with black leather.


The dimensions of "Firefly" are 9.25" x 4.75" x 4.75".


"Firefly" was also an award winner.


"Firefly" is in a private collection.

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