Even when I am in the middle of one box build my mind is going crazy with other box designs. I use the “down” time (glue drying, finish drying, etc.) on the big builds to work on smaller boxes. “Haven” is a result of this. I wanted to design a box that was contained within its legs but yet an integral part of the overall box. I played with the main shape and the negative space for a while to come up with a design a liked.


The main body is made from Quartersawn Black Walnut. All edges are Wenge. I built a sled that held the main body at a 45 degree angle to the table saw. I then ran it through the table saw cutting away all but 1/16” of the miter joint. I then glued in a 1/8” thick piece of Wenge. When that was dry I sanded flat and then lined the top and bottom with Wenge. After that I started the shaping.


The legs are made from Curly Maple. I use a 45 degree chamfer bit to chamfer both edges on one side of a board making a 45 degree finished angle. I do this to four pieces and when I attach them together they make the ”+” shape you see. I also cut spline areas into the 45 degree finished angles and then use small squares of wood as splines to reinforce the joint. Of course there was alot more shaping involved to get the final shape you see. All four legs actually have a knife shape to them.


The top is made from Leopardwood and Curly Maple. The spike is made from gluing a solid brass rod into a copper tube. I then chuck it in a drill and spin it on a progression of metal files. When I reach the shape I want I start using sand paper to smooth it all out and the final step is to polish.


The inside dimension of “Haven” 2.375” x 2.375” x 2.375”. The overall outside dimensions are 7.5” x 7.5” x 7.25”. Finish is four soakings of Danish Oil followed by two buffings of Briwax. Lining is fabric.


Both "Haven" boxes are in private collections.

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