My love of incorporating vintage hood ornaments into my artwork continues.  I call this piece “Blur” and it uses a 1959-64 Nash Rambler hood ornament.


 The process starts by making a template of the curve of the hood ornament. I use that to start designing the shape of the piece. Mainly trying to blend all the curves with the actual hood ornament. When the basic design is done I transfer it to a piece of paper and attach it to the main piece of wood I will be starting with. In this case it was an insanely figured pieced of birdseye maple. After the initial cuts I figure out the mounting scheme of the hood ornament so that I can temporarily attach it to the wood. Once that is done I can trace around shape of the hood ornament so I have a reference line on where to shape the wood. Then fun part starts…the shaping. The rough shaping is done with a Foredom rotary carver. All the fine tuning is done with rasps. When doing this piece I left the shaping on the bottom portion until last. I wanted to add a different wood to the bottom to give it more of a solid feeling. The base is made of of rosewood and a piece of ash veneer.


“Blur” is finished with four soakings of Danish oil and then waxed twice.


"Blur" is available for $525


Please contact me if you're interested in purchasing this piece.

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