"California Recall"

As we were about to leave my families house after the Thanksgiving holiday my mother ran down into the basement. She came back up with something in her hand and asked if I wanted it or she was going to throw it out because she didn’t know what it was. I can’t blame her…It was a 16 year old Gatorade bottle full of sand…why would she want that?? Well, I did want it. 16 years ago I made my very first flight down to California to be the best man at my best friends wedding. They got married on Laguna Beach and right before I left I filled the Gatorade bottle up with the sand…and for 16 years it sat there. As soon as I saw my mother holding it the ideas started and “California Recall” was the result. Anytime they want to recall that beautiful sunny day all they need to do is grab the rake and run it through the very sand they got married on. (I did use pure white sand for the photo shoot though)


“California Recall” is approximately 11.5” x 11.5”. It was finished with four soakings of Danish Oil and two wax buffings. It is in a private collection.

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