I wanted all aspects of "Dorsal" to follow the same curvature. The body of the box was constructed with a bent/warped look to it. The dorsal fin idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while and I had so much fun with it I know I will be revisiting it again.


The main body of the box is made from quartersawn Shedua. A box joint was use for the construction.


The main portion of the lid is made from Curly Shedua. The handle supports/dowels are quartersawn Shedua turned down on the lathe. The handle is made from two pieces of curly maple with a piece of black veneer in-between. It was made by a series of compound cuts on a bandsaw followed by rough shaping on a belt and oscillating spindle sander. After that it was time for the rasp and then final shaping/sanding.


Finish on “Dorsal” is fours soakings of Danish oil followed by two buffings of BriWax. It is lined in cork. It is roughly 10” x 4” x 4.75”.


"Dorsal" is in a private collection.

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